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Astral Influence from May 8th to May 14th #FullMoon on Scorpio Horóscopo Interes General 

Astral Influence from May 8th to May 14th #FullMoon on Scorpio

On the nigh of May 8th, we will feel the influence of the Sun making a good aspect to Pluto. This impulses us with great strength to concrete any desired goal. This way, on the 9th, we will wake up with forces to make constructive changes and modify what has bothered us for a while. We will also be able to make clear difficult situations, for we will feel that we won’t give up.

What is more, on the 9th, Mercury and Uranus will gather again by the third and last time of the year. Uranus works as a force that breaks structures to make changes. The unresolved thoughts will, surprisingly, find a way out. Our mind will be faster than usual. We may also find that our plans for those days may entirely change, which may alter our nerves. The best thing to do it to keep flexibility, since unexpected news that will lead us to make quick decisions may appear. On the 10th, we will have a Full Moon on Scorpio. This tells us that it is the time to concrete our postponed plans or those plans that do not work on a natural term. The two following weeks will be the best times of the month to end toxic relationships, bad habits and change beliefs. This will be possible due to the harmony of Pluto with the Sun and the Moon.

On the 11th, Mercury will be in a good relation with Saturn. It is a good day to concentrate the energy in key decision-making, clearly see what is happening and practically and methodically get organized. It is also a great time to initiate projects that will be maintained constantly for a long term, as well as to make real state operations and assume different commitments without tension. On the same date, Mars makes a bad aspect with Neptune. It may lower our energy. If this happens, we must try not to worry, since it is temporary.

On the day 12th, Mars and Jupiter will be in a good relationship. This allows us to concentrate our energy and focus on our desired goals, since both action and good luck will be combined.

Lunar Nodules change the sign, what does it mean?

On Sunday 14th, May, the Lunar Nodules (mathematical points where the road of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun) change the signs. They let Virgo and Pisces walk through Leo and Aquarius.

With this change, a new future gets to Leo, while Aquarius closes a period. However, there are also more messages with this change, such as the aspect of our life in which we must become the protagonist and the one in which we must get lost among the rest.

On Sunday, it is also Mother’s Day (in many countries of the world) and this year the Moon is on an earth sign. We should honor and get in contact with our dear Mother Earth.

This is a week of important alienations for you. Significant changes will arrive as regards work and love. I will begin with work issues and then I will continue with something more fun. This week, your only full moon of the year means that an emotional six-month cycle ends to begin another one. Maybe, you do not understand why emotions and work are related, but they do relate…Lately, you have experienced up and downs as regards energy, dedication, making things happen or achieving your goals in your projects. Many people are looking for what they really love to do. Well, the full moon in connection to your regent Pluto plus the union between Mercury and Uranus indicate that a proposal or great idea is being made, and it is highly recommendable to talk about it with someone so that it gets related to you, but it is best to do it next week or near May 19th.

This week will be about YOUR process and the way you give light to that idea. Protect it, find advise on how it can be done with safety. A change in your environment will also take place, so you may change your city for work and this is a trend that takes time but it is now happening. In love, too much is taking place. Two weeks ago, there was New Moon in Taurus, which is the area of partners and lovers.

You may have begun a plan with your couple for that time or initiated a relationship. Well, full moon shows the potential of what you are planning with him or her, or if the person you began your relationship is worth it. The connection to Pluto and Neptune indicate you are very exited with the situation and that you really like the other person. It is not my job to tell you whether it is good or bad for you, because that is the task of the full moon, which means that I can tell you that you will know what you need to know, but you will have to make an extra effort to see this person as he or she is, since there is tension between Mars and Neptune, which may lead you to lose your mind for him or her.

If you are in a relationship in which you know there is no more love, it is the time to say goodbye and make space.


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